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What Are The Risks of Collagen Treatments and Injections?
by: Dr. Jim Greene

Collagen is a natural product found in the human body. It is a protein found in the skin, bone, cartilage and other parts and there are 27 types. When it breaks down over a period of years, it makes the skin lose its elasticity and strength. This makes the skin sag, or create wrinkles and folds making the person look older. Collagen injections try to replace the what your body has lost and fight these signs of aging.

Treatments are relatively safe but even then, they have the normal risks and limitations associated with medical intervention. The biggest and main risk is of allergy to the collagen used in the treatment. Though the collagen used is accepted by the human body which does not fight or repulse it, there may be some people who have a sensitive skin and get an allergy. The doctors test the patients well in advance to see and assure themselves of any allergic reactions which can take place after the treatment. Only after they are fully satisfied do they go ahead with the treatment. Patients should inform the doctor of their problems and reactions and of their medical conditions before undergoing the treatment.

Patients should keep a look out for redness, itching, swelling or any unexpected happening taking place after the treatment and inform the doctor. Significant risks associated with injections are rare but potential side reactions can be infection or skin peeling or scarring or lumpiness. The doctor generally marks the site of the treatment in advance and injects it evenly so that there is no lumpiness. The patient should know in advance what could happen even if it doesn't. He should discuss with the doctor and find out the antidotes in case such things do happen. Bacterial infection can be fought with antibiotics.

The treatments have a local anesthetic liquid called lidocaine. The patient can have reaction to this. It is derived from bovine collagen and anyone who is allergic to bovine-related products should not receive this treatment. Sometimes there is redness at the site of the injection or there can be itching or swelling. Sometimes abscesses can also be formed. One never knows how the body will react to outside substances. There can be open sores at the site of the injection. There can be peeling of the skin. In very very rare cases, a scar, which is shallow, can be formed at the injection site.

Though these reactions and dangers are rare, forewarned is forearmed. The patient should know all this and should discus it with the doctor.

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