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Collagen Injection Treatments - Get Rid of Crows Feet, Laugh Lines
by: Dr. Jim Greene

It is the natural wish of a person to remain young all his life and to look attractive with smooth and perfect skin. But this is not possible. People grow older, wrinkles appear, so do crow's feet around the eyes, and frown lines on the forehead and laugh lines around the lips. The lips also become thinner than before.

All this can be improved with the use of collagen injection treatment. This treatment is simple and easy. It takes about an hour at the most to complete the procedure. But it must be a well thought out process, as there are always risks and chances of some untoward happening in any medical procedure. One never knows how the body will react.

Collagen in the body is a natural one, which loosens and breaks, as one grows older. This results in the formation of unwanted wrinkles, lines and bands. Collagen treatment consists of injecting collagen of bovine origin into the problem site and rejuvenating the place. It can be a wrinkle around the eyes, a band on the neck or lines on the forehead. They respond immediately and the patient can notice the change within a couple of days and sometimes earlier.

The doctor has to be chosen with care as one is giving one's face and body in his hands. And a wrong injection in the wrong place can cause havoc, which may not be reversible. The patient should have full faith in him and trust him. He should have a thorough discussion on the procedure, the after effects, the results and the possible side effects. The patient should ask the doctor all sorts of questions so that he can be satisfied that the procedure he is undergoing is the right one and that the results will be satisfying.

The collagen is injected into the previously chosen place. This procedure is completed within an hour. The patient may just feel as if an insect has bitten him. There may be slight abrasion or slight pain or swelling or redness. There could be infection or an abscess later, but this is rare. In most cases the treatment is quick, painless and result oriented. The wrinkles lighten so do the lines and the folds. This treatment can be given along with botox. They can complement each other. The doctor has to decide the amount of the two injections and select a proper combination of the two to produce the desired results.

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