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Have You Considered Collagen Treatments to Combat the Signs of Aging Skin?
by: Peter Foremski

Collagen Injections.

Very cost effective and a wonderful way of treating your skin with collagen. The injection is given to the area of the skin affected by the wrinkles, Zyderm and Zyplast collagen are placed just beneath the skin, in the dermis where the body takes it and utilizes it to repair skin.

The process takes about thirty to sixty minutes and within two days you can feel the difference, as like a miracle your wrinkles will fade away and provide your skin a smoother and younger appearance. Collagen treatments are relatively painless.

Wrinkle filler injections bring significant improvement in the appearance of your face. The first Food and Drug Administration (FDA)-approved injectable filling agent, bovine collagen, was approved in 1982 and remains the most commonly used product for skin and soft-tissue augmentation. If you are thinking about the time when this injection should be taken then your physician is the best person who can answer this.

What to expect.

After the treatment the correction will last for three to six months and no other discomfort should be reported. After the incision the effected area may cause redness but it will fade in a few days.

Using Supplements.

Since collagen does occur naturally in our skin, you'll find that the supplement therapy is very easy and safe to use. There are a number of supplements available in the market which claim to increase the formation of collagen. These supplements contain peptides which help in repairing damaged cells. There are also anti aging creams available but they only protect the skin from harmful UV rays and they act only superficially.

Natural Healing.

You can prevent wrinkles by healing your body naturally. Consult your doctor and sort out your eating habits and eat more green and fresh fruits and vegetable rich in vitamin C. Keeping to a rich protein diet with proper vitamins will always make your skin glow and drinking the right amount of water also rejuvenates your skin. Collagen treatment will make you will look better as your skin becomes younger and smoother.

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