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Lip Augmentation - What is Hyaluronic Acid Injections? Collagen Injections and Lip Implants
by: Dr. Jim Greene

Not everyone is born with those perfect lips and many women and some men may find themselves wanting those perfect lips or to have their lips more match their gender. For those looking at the possibility of undergoing a lip augmentation procedure there are some great choices for accomplishing this task which can include things like implants, collagen injections as well as fat transfers.

The first step that you need to determine is what your expectations for the outcome of the procedure are. What exactly do you want your lips to look like, once you know this you will be able to better inform your surgeon of your expectations so that he or she can ensure that ever attempt is made to reproduce what you are looking for

After deciding what your expectations are, then you will need to decide what type of procedure you may want. The most expensive and longest recovery period associated with a lip augmentation is with that of an implant so you may not want this particular procedure. You could go with a collagen injection and this collagen can be made of human, animal or synthetic collagens. Maybe you would want a hyaluronic acid or a hydroxylapatite injection which are known to last longer than the collagen injections. Finally you have the option of a fat transfer which is also considered by many to be the best option.

When it comes to the fat transfers, the fat cells are harvested from one area of the body, spun in a centrifuge then filtered to get the larger sediments out. This sterilized and filtered fat cells which were harvested elsewhere on the body are then injected into the lips giving the patient fuller lips. The best part about going with the fat transfer is not the low cost, but the fact that although the first injection lasts for only 6 months, only 60% of the transferred fat is absorbed by the body which means that each additional treatment will require less transferred fat and produce longer lasting results.

Sure, you could pay $5,000 for the lip augmentation that uses an implant, but why when you can get away with the $300-$500 fee for each fat transfer injection. Unfortunately this is a purely cosmetic procedure so you will be responsible for paying the entire bill.

Lip augmentation is a plastic surgery procedure that can consist of injections, implants and more. Visit the resources above to find out more information about lip augmentation.

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