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Collagen Injection Treatments
by: Dr. Jim Greene

Collagen injection treatments are one of the most effective and fastest cosmetic enhancement procedures you can get. It will take a minimum of 15 minutes to have dramatic changes on you face with collagen injection treatments. The treatments can reduce the signs of the natural aging process. With this particular product you can now have lesser wrinkles and other facial lines. You can also have fuller, sensuous and more defined lips.

But first, you have to find out if a collagen injection is the right treatment for you. There are several things that need to be taken into consideration prior. The first thing a patient should undergo to is a skin test that will detect any potential allergic reaction towards the substance.

A skin test is usually done by a physician one month before hand. The injection contains a small amount of the substance that will be inserted to the inconspicuous site of your skin with the required enhancement. Within a week's time, the skin test will be under observation. Only a small percentage of patients show allergic reaction. Some of these allergic reactions are caused by bovine-derived products. The result of the skin test will help your doctor determine the type product that will best suit you.

Most collagen injection treatments involve more than one session. To achieve the desired result to the specific area some treatments will require multiple treatments. They are slightly painful and uncomfortable. Injections around the nose or on the lip area are usually the most painful. To minimize expected pain, topical anesthetic creams are applied on the injection site.

However, the use of topical numbing creams is no longer necessary if the collagen to be used with the treatment contains lidocaine. This lidocaine agent provides anesthetic effect that help numb the area to be injected.

The treatments takes less than an hour to accomplish. You can immediately go back and do your daily routine right after your treatment. There are also side effects that you should know about. But these side effects are normal and they will gradually subside in a matter of days. After there will be slight puffiness around the injected area, some bruising, swelling and a little tenderness. But these are all temporary.

The results can last anywhere from 2 months up to six months even more depending on the type you are going to take. It will naturally be absorbed by the body over time. Additional treatments and occasional touch-up will be necessary if you want to maintain the desired results.

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